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Taking out of unnecessary hairs with the help of thread is called threading.Threading can be used in other eyebrows.For example:
a.Eyebrow threading: Taking out of unnecessary hairs from eyebrow and giving it a shape is eyebrow threading.This adds light and glow to face.
b.Upper lips threading
Hairs of upper lips are taken off.
c.Forehead threading: Hairs of forehead are taken off.
d.cheek Bone threading: Hairs of cheeks are taken off.This makes face look good.
e.Full face threading:Hair of underarm are taken off with the help of thread.The hairs are taken off through roots and thus unnecessary hairs are grown later.There are three ways of threading


Taking hairs off from roots is epillation. Under this threading wax plucking falls on.


Hair above the roots is taken off in this process. Hairs remover, shaving etc. Fall under this.
 This process helps in peeling off hair forever. This kills the root of hair forever. Electric needle is used to kill the hair root. This should sometime re repeated.

      Ways of Threading

First of all make the client comfortable. Use water or powder in threading area and if client is doing it for 1st time then wet cotton with hot water and then place it in threading area. Tell the client to stretch
The threading area properly. Make a loop of thread and use it in pulling the unnecessary hair of eyebrow. Smaller hairs remained during threading are pulled off by Twizzlers. And then use skin type lotion and then massage. You can use toner also.
Use scissors to cut longer hairs/eyebrow before threading in such case wrap a ice cube in a cotton paper/cloth and apply this in allergic area. And then calamine lotion in allergic area. And then calamine lotion also can be used. Threading should be done according to face shape.
Shape of eyebrow according to face shape:
  1. Round face: For this kind of face arch shape is given.
  2. Long face: Round shaped eyebrow is made for long faced people.
  3. Oval Face: Any type of eyebrow shape fits to this kind of face but round shaped eyebrow is more preferred.
  4. Slim and small face: Square shaped eyebrow suits to this kind of face.
  5. Fat and big face: Square Shaped eyebrow also suits to this kind of face but eyebrow is made little thinner.

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