Monday, July 23, 2012

Some Secreat Skin Tips

It happens every single year, the summer's winds die down and then the cooler weather slowly begins to make its way in. Doesn't it feel good to drag out your jeans and sweaters when the fall weather begins to kick in? Just because your skin is going to be covered up by your sweats and jeans, that doesn't mean that you are going to be given a reprieve when it comes to your skin care regimen. Proper skin care is going to mean all the difference between maintaining healthy, moisturized skin and dry and flaky skin. Here are some excellent fall skin care tips that will steer your regimen in the right direction:

Skin Care Tip #1 - Take a look at your current body cleanser, do you need to reassess? Whatever you were using during the summer may not be cutting it for the fall. Make sure that you are choosing a body cleanser that is going to promote healthy and moisturized skin.

Skin Care Tip #2 - Try using an oil based scrub product. Oily scrubs tend to be really nice for the fall and winter seasons because you get hydrating oils coupled with exfoliating benefits. When it comes to oil based scrubs, the possibilities are absolutely endless, there are plenty of unique oil based scrubs for you to try out and most of them are absolutely fabulous.

Skin Care Tip #3 - Moisturize your skin every single day. This is something that absolutely cannot be stressed enough. If you want to be able to keep your dry skin at bay then you are going to need to be willing to put hydration into your skin every single day. The best time for you to apply a moisturizing product is right after you dry off following a shower or a bath, when your skin is still slightly damp.

Skin Care Tip #4 - Make sure that you are analyzing your skin. As the seasons begin to change, you may also notice that your skin type is also changing. This is the point of your life where you may notice your skin is going from oily to normal, or from normal to dry. If you are not sure whether or not your skin needs a brand new skin care regime, try talking to a professional at your local cosmetics counter for help.

Skin Care Tip #5 - Make sure that your skin care routine is properly organized. There are so many different steps sometimes that it can be hard for you to remember what you did last or what happens next in your skin care regimen or routine. Keep a chart or come up with some kind of a routine that will walk you through the process and you will have a much easier time of keeping track of your skin care routine.

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