Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Making up of different kind of design in body part is tattoo. This is one of the western cultures. Some time ago a painful treatment was given to make tattoo using needle. Nowadays any king of color in tattoo can be used. This is made through the use of needle, so can be harmful to health. But nowadays easier and faster techniques have been developed. The temporary method doesn't have any bad impact to health and can be erased if wanted.

Things required making tattoo.

Lipe Liner- Glitters –Fabrice color

1)Lip liner tattoo: Dark coloured lip liner is used to make outline and light colour is used to make outline and light colour is used in making inner design.
2)Glitter’s tattoo: Outline is made by lip liner and glitters are filled inside using jel.
3)Fabric Tattoo: Lip liner is used to make different design and fabrice is used above them.

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