Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beautician should take following things personally and consider in personal life:

1.Par lour should run in open and accessible plane.
2.Don't run a par lour in fishy place.
3.don't  talk negative about other people.
4.Work effectively and efficiently.
5.keep positive about other people.
6.Ask client about your work whether they liked it or not.
7.Play melodious songs in par lour. They may help to keep client in good mood.
8.Place things in order in par lour.
9.Apply good business policy.
10.Beautician should always take care of personal hygiene along with first aid.
11.Beautician should be updated with fashion
2.public hygiene
There is relation of personal hygiene with public hygiene.Public hygiene the hygiene of surrounding where you live.keeping only the par lour is not sufficient rather beautician should keep the surrounding of parlour clean.And this is very necessary.
3.First Aid
The treatment given to a patient before admitting them to hospital is called first aid.Sometime client may be injured during their treatment in par lour.IT is unpredictable.So in case beautician must have knowledge of first aid.So first aid box should be kept in par lour in easily accessible place.A good beautician should take all these things in consideration.
If any person infected with epilepsy becomes to par lour then one must apply all precautions.If the client get attacked with epilepsy then one must side the equipments and make a open space and leave the patient  and then keep the handkerchief in between the teeth and then clean the foam coming from client's mouth. burn
Open the tight clothes when one is caught with fire but don't take out those clothes attached to body.Give the patient water in every ten minute difference otherwise in minor injured case you can use ice blocks.
6.Electric Shock
Wood,Cotton clothes, plastics should be used when one gets electric shock and patient should be taken to hospital immediately.
If any client faints unexpectedly then keep him/her in a open place and spray cold water lightly.
Any organization should have good knowledge about sterilization.Sterilization means keeping things germ free.If things are not sterilized then communicable diseases may spread through equipments .Equipments can be sterilized through following ways:-
1.Moist heat:-
Equipments are sterilized with the help of steam in this process.
2.Dry Heat:
Those equipments are sterilized through this method which cannot sterilized through moist heat.Fire are used in this method.
3.Antiseptic Solution:
Antiseptic solution are used to sterilize equipments.Dettol,spirit or 70% alcohol can be used in this method.

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