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Beautiness of nail is as important as beauty of hand to look beautiful. Therefore we do nail art to make nails beautiful. Nail art means use of colorful enamels to make different designs in nail. First of all bas coat of water colour is made and then nail police is doubled coated. Nail art is only done after when nail police dries off. Thin nail art brush is used when doing nail art. After that glitter min or plain water colour is top coated.
Hand also looks beautiful along with nail. There should be proper combination of nail and nail art colour. Nowadays ready made nail sticker are found in market. While using this first of all base coat is used, Plastic is taken off and nail is top coated. Fabrice coat can also be used. Beauty of nail shows personality. If one’s healthy is good then his/her nail is slightly pinkish colour. Unhealthy have blue, yellow, white and dull nail. One should have enough calcium and iron in his/her balanced diet. This adds beauty of nail. Regular manicure should be done to maintain nail.

Parts of nail picture:
Home tips of making nail healthy and beautiful:
1.       Take balanced diet along with enough Iron, Calcium and phosphorous.
2.       Don’t use nails to lift heavy loads.
3.       Use soap inside nails before working in gardens. This prevents mud to enter inside and clean the hands after your work.
4.       Only use nail cutter to cut nail and use nail filled to shape it.
5.       Brittle nail should be treated with potash alum.
6.       Use of olive oil, coconut oil and turpentine oil really makes nail glittery and strong.
7.       Lemon can also be used to clean nail.
8.       Keep your nail in middy boiled olive oil for half an hour. This makes nail glowing and repairs cuticle.
Use of special methodology to clean nail and fingers is called nail spa. This is done in peaceful environment in a comfortable way. Along with this nail art and nail extension is also done. This is done using normal manicure and after that milk, flowers or water can also be used. Aroma oil is used in making things and gently used in hand. This is called nail spa.
Necessary accessories
Nail art – Milk – Towel –Trough –Manicure set – Aroma oil – Bowel – Performed flower
Methodology of nail spa
First of all normal manicure is done. After then in a trough milk is kept along with 3, 4 drops of aroma oil, perfumed flowers, rose water etc. Then deep the hand for 15-20 minute and then massage and dry off milk in hand. And then nail extension is applied. Use nail police and nail art is applied as per the wish of client.
Note: Nail extension means use of artificial nail. Artificial nail is fitted making desired shape. It can be used for long of kept with precaution.

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