Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shaping of skin

Skin is the outer covering of body. It has lots of work beside keeping body in integration. It protects body from wind, water, UV-rays, and also maintains homeostasis. Head, hand, face, lips etc. Have thick skin. Skin of lips are more sensitive and movable.

There are two types of skin
Besides these body also has sub dermis and hypodermics. Beautician only take epidermis and dermis into consideration.
Structure of Skin
Epidermis(death cell)  Dermis(true cell)  Sub dermis hypodermics(fat)
In below these two layers are oil gland and hair follicle cells are situated. Hot, cold, warmth pain are sensitive to use due to these follicle cells. Tissues’ also help to carry message to our brain. Skin is oily and movable due to this gland.
Protection:- Skin protects body from wind, water, harmful chemicals and rays.
 Regulation:- Skin helps in regulating the body temperature with changing environment.
Respiration:- Skin helps in intake of oxygen and out take of carbon dioxide.
Execration:- Skin helps in execration of unnecessary waste materials in form of sweat.
Moisturization:- Sebaceous gland helps in keeping body moist and soft.
Absorption:- Only required amount of solid, gas and liquid are absorbed by skin.
Maintenance:- Skin maintains acid and alcohol level balance.
Types of Skin:-
We ought to know about types of skin before treating them. Treatment becomes effective if we treat the skin according to its type. So in the word of beauty it is compulsory to know the skin type. The types of skin are as follows:
  1. Normal Skin
  2. Dry Skin
  3. Oily Skin
  4. Sensitive Skin
  5. Swollen Skin
  6. Mixed type Skin and
  7. Too dry skin
Normal Skin: Normal skin type is of younger people (from 13-20yrs). This kind of skin is glowy, pinkish and clean. No problems are seen in this kind of skin. Nutritious diets are necessary to maintain the skin. Regular washing of face with cold water is necessary. Besides this one should take off the makeup before going to bed.
Dry Skin: This type of skin is cleaned when washed with soap. But use of soap makes skin drier and thus soap shouldn’t not be used. This kind of skin is sensitive too. This kind of skin is affected by heater, light, sun rays etc. Thus it is important to maintain the smoothness in face. Otherwise there is more chance of premature wrinkles and there is equal probability of dandruff.
Oily Skin:- In this type of skin oil glands is activated and thus skin becomes oily and more affected by pimples also. More care is provided for this kind of skin. In summer sweat makes skin oilier thus regular bath is necessary. And further we can take regular stream.
Sensitive Skin:- This type of skin should be protected from cold, hot, hard and soft chemical.
Doctor’s prescription is the best way to take care of this kind of skin.
Swollen Skin:- Amount of water is more in this kind of skin and seems to be swollen. Presence of some poisonous substance in body makes the skin so. Thus treatment should be given taking teachers advice.
Mixed Skin:- This type of skin is oily, dry and soft. Specially T-Zone, E-Zone is dry. First of all oily part is treated and then dry part.
Too Dry Skin:- This type of skin is no more soft and maximum use of moisturizer is necessary.

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