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Heena is called mehendi. This is called maheena in Urdu. This can make skin red. Heena/Mehendi has been used since a long time ago. Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt used mehendi as a beauty tip 500 years ago. Likewise in India there is a village named Mehendi in Rajas tan. Anyone who devote in Mehendi is believed to remain beautiful forever. Therefore mehendi has great importance. Use of Mehendi is compulsory in Marriage ceremony. But nowadays, not only India but the use of Mehendi has become universal. Mehendi is also used as hair dye, used in special ceremony and also as tattoo in stomach, back, chest, heap etc. Mehendi makes hand and feet look good and beautiful. This is more used in summer season rather than in winter. Mehendi is very righteous to married women. Mehendi is used in both hands of dead women when her husband is alive. And mehendi is considered to be a bride for the women who is going to be married. Due to the changing fashion different kind of chemical are used in mehendi to make it durable.

Type of Mehendi

Red mehendi
Black Mehendi
Fevicol Mehendi
Sticker Mehendi
Febrile Mehendi
Red Mehendi: In this Mehendi red color of Berina is added.
Black brown Mehendi: While making this Mehendi, in one cone black colored Mehendi (used in hair dye) is kept while in other cone Mehendi used in hand is kept. Outline is made with black coloure and kept it for 5/6 minute and then wash. Make desired design inside the black outline with brown colour.
Fevicol Mehendi
Fevicol is used along with Mehendi. Outline is made with fevicol and inside it desires design of mehendi is used. Fevicol helps in showing the outline properly.

Ways of using Mehendi

Make  Mehendi ready before using it.It should be sieved with “mal-mall’s cloth and then  used a spoon of oil, half spoon of sugar, 2 pinch of potash alum, few drops of lemon to make Mehendi. Keep it in cone after 2 hours. If you want to make it red then mix it with red color of Berina. Clean the hand and feet of client with soap and water and use oil. Two types of cones are used, one darker to make outline and another fainter to make inner design. Use mixture of lemon and sugar in Mehendi, in every 10-15 minute interval. Take off the mehendi after 2 hours with the help of blunt knife. If you want to make it darker then have the steam of water using clove. And use oil again after taking off the mehendi from hand.

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