Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Introduction of Beautician

To be a perfect beautician following things should be taken in consideration:-

1. Personal hygiene
2. Public hygiene
3.First Aid
7.Electric Shock
1.Personal hygiene:
Personal hygiene is one of the important thing that a beautician should take care of knowledge about hygiene that may lead to communicable disease.Lack of awareness regarding personal hygiene may lead to  negative impact to our body organs and may lead to laziness too.Further, it may bring dizziness.Beauty being the quality of beautician may be affected due to lack of hygiene.
Things to be considered for the personal hygiene.
1.Daily Bath
2.Use of branded and qualitative body spray and perfumes.
3.Use of tooth brush twice a day.
4.Use of full sleeve cloth during working hour but this should not affect the client.
5.Making the hair style that suits.
6.Changing undergarments regularly.
7.keep hand and leg clean.
8.Putting  makeup of suiting type.
9.No more physical contact (like touching ) with client.This may be irritating.
10.No use of ornaments.
11.Having healthy food.
12.No working during infection of common cold.
13.Cut nail short and keep it clean.